The pleasure of making bread

From the historic bakery, where everything began in the nineteen fifties, Bassini 1963 bread has won over the most demanding and refined palates all over the world. It is a story not only of genuine ingredients selected at the
source, but also innovation and research. It is our way of paying tribute to tradition, building a bridge between past and future. With daily commitment to dedication throughout the entire production process. In this way we can grow, remaining faithful to our character and guaranteeing the authentic taste of our bread every day. If we really have to think of a secret to its exceptional goodness, what comes to mind is our recipes and they can be found here.

From nature to you

To guarantee the best ingredients we select them when they are still seed. We trust only the farmers that grow the finest non-GMO products in our land.

Tradition and technology

Manual processing and bakeries with the best in technology: this is how our products are made, the result of an innovation designed to protect family tradition and original recipes.


We carefully check the product chain so that we always know where and how the wheat and all the products of the earth that we use in our products are grown.

Wholesomeness and health

Our bread is made without preservatives and additives, so that we can bring to every table a product that is good because it is also healthy, with the same genuineness and fragrance of the old bakery.

Pane all’Acqua®
100% italian

Bassini 1963 exclusive

Pane all’Acqua® 100% Italian water-based bread is another result of our commitment to healthy nutritious food. Its ingredients are simple: 100% Italian type 0 flour, water and sourdough starter. Our bakers work the ingredients with expertise, then leave the dough to rise for the necessary number of hours and finally bake the bread on soapstone...

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Tawn andServe
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Frozen Packaged
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A propensity for innovation

We decided to set up an Internal Research and Development Committee in order to stay tuned to the latest consumer trends. We want to offer our customers products that are always new and which interpret the latest trends in taste in an original way, creating products full of flavour without ever deviating from our production chain principles and our commitment to selecting healthy genuine ingredients. New products are studied during the course of periodic meetings where research and trend analysis go hand in hand with the experimentation of original combinations and unique flavours.

  • A constant quest for quality and wellbeing

    Bassini 1963 has always given special attention to health and wellbeing, selecting raw materials from a controlled and certified production chain with long times for resting, processing and rising for better digestibility.
    Bigas left to ferment for 18-22 hours, sourdough starter and extra virgin olive oil are used...

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  • Our ORGANIC choice

    Khorasan KAMUT® wheat and ORGANIC spelt are the organic flours that we decided to use for some of our top products. This choice was made to satisfy the demand of consumers who are more attentive to the benefits of a healthy diet. The organic flours that we use come from lands cultivated...

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  • Certified quality

    We have obtained a series of certificates that guarantee the quality of our processes and products in the interests of our customers and in support of the excellence to which we are committed...

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  • Always faithful to our traditions

    True innovation is the respect for traditions.

    In our factories we enhance the production processes of artisan bakery and interpret with passion the ancient recipes...

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